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Used to be great...

Four years ago, this app was great. Now, it is junk. It is never updated, and just a waste of time and expectation.


I remember when these pics were a popular spin off of those office posters that were suppose to motivate you and promote synergy in the workplace. These seem dull and lackluster and not very funny at all. Whoever put the captions on there didn't even seem to try or maybe English wasn't even their first language. If you are looking for something that is going to make you laugh, I'd recommend looking elsewhere.

Weak content

Banners cover pics. Content is super weak. Don't waste your time

just stopped working

On my iPad, I get the windowed intro screen, touch one, and get only a white screen with an ad at the bottom. Very demotivational, indeed.

Used to love it.... Now annoyed with it

I have enjoyed this app for some time now, but recently it has gotten to be more annoying than entertaining. About every 30 seconds, it pops an add and if you do not click close fast enough, like 2 seconds, it opens the App Store to stupid free apps I never want. So long Demotivational Pics, you've seen your last day on my iPad.

Poor-quality content. Look elsewhere.

I'm not saying this app didn't have any funny pictures or captions. It had plenty. The captions were obviously written by people who don't speak English, so that was annoying. But after looking through maybe a couple hundred of them, I realized that there were too many that were just plain mean. Racist, or sexist, or religionist, or sizeist, or pick your "-ist", and without any other real content that made them actually funny. So I deleted the app. Feel free to give it a try, but I don't think it will sustain you long.


Whomever submits these latest memes should be kicked square in the nuts. Crap.

Fix the Pop up ads

For the most part I really enjoy your app. But the pop up ads can't be close easily on an iPad. And that is why I'm giving just one star. Fix it and I'm willing to adjust my rating.

Absolutely hilarious

Vary funny always something funny

Spam makes it almost unusable.

This was a great app BEFORE it started opening the AppStore on it own trying to get me to download Candy Crush. Seriously, this is pathetic.

So many stupid ads

Use to love this app now literally every 5 seconds an ad pops up

Love demotivational posters!

The app is awesome and always cracks me up! I'm glad I found it!


This app has some fun stuff but is written poorly and doesn't seem to have been updated in quite a while

Good pics

A little grainy, but humorous

Needs to be fixed.

It is broken recently the ads are out of control and forces the app store to open the ad.


I really enjoyed using this app. I used to look through it a few times a day but now it won't load. And most times I open it I closes right back down.

captain obivious

great app need to get more funny picts but otherwise no complaints

Too many duplicates

App has far too many duplicates and doesn't seem to update regularly. Too bad - can be fun to use but very infrequent.

Pop up ads....

The new version has ads pop up every time you open it which interfere with viewing. App deleted

Often sophomoric, but often funny

Somehow, I just couldn't get excited enough to write a serious review.

Just awesome

Daily fun and laughs. Still having problems with Random not working correctly even after reinstall.

Always a laugh!

No problems with this app!

Funny pics, terrible ads

Love the pics, but the app will randomly shut down, and send phone to App Store to download an ad's app

Good for a laugh

See title.


Never fails to make me smile !!!


Great time killer looking at the funny pics


It's fun, but constant adds are distracting.

Completely Awesome

I at one point had 700 pics its quite addictive.


Chech it put. A lot of fun.


Total waste of time! Worst app I've ever downloaded.

Crap. Do not download!

In addition to frequently being buggy and the pictures being found on other sites or apps, it now redirects you to the App Store every 5 pictures or so. That was the last straw.


I love this app,the pictures are hilarious and the layout is simple.

Decent entertainment

But 9gag will give you loads more.

Discriminatory and offensive

Classless and offensive app. Mocks religious believes and calls it "comedy" if you try to complain, they will ignore you.

Read daily

I check every day and lol


Always entertaining! Love the quick and easy download option.

Horrible with recent update

Seemed to have 8 or so new pics daily, now lucky if you get one. Most are just recycled

Does the job!

Nice, no charge humor. Usually laugh out loud at something, every day. Agree that caption text could be better, by enlarging .

Love it

I Laugh all day:)


Funny stuff gotta love it

Daily Viewing.

The ads now have no option to exit after viewing them, requiring you to exit the program and restart. This should be fixed.


Yea, really, it's funny, now stop asking me to tell you what I think. Ya'll got some kind if inferiority complex or what?

Better when it didn't crash

It use to crash on start up, but when you reopened the app it worked fine. Unfortunately, something is wrong & it will not even load. I'd give it a better rating if it actually worked & the quality of the app has gone down.

Love the long-awaited addition

of the comments section!


I'm a bit embarrassed to write a review because I just realized my apple account is called ice mix kid (I made it when I was 7 don't judge) but besides that random statement this is a super funny app. Probably one of the best apps on my phone. Has a better system than ifunny!


Another one of Stuckpixel's amazingly funny apps.

Love it

I check it for updates every day and always find a good laugh!


Excellent pics, best comments ever!!


It's pretty funny but okay

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